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Heated Mouse

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ValueRays Mouse hand warmer, USB heated mouse & USB heated mouse pad = Therapeutic Heat Treatment for Hand Therapy

Do you need heat for cold, stiff, aching hands? There are three products when used separately serve a purpose and when combined, create an absolutely warm, soothing heated mouse hand environment. So, while you're sitting at the computer, you may as well be doing something good for your hands. Use infrared heated computer gadgets to keep your hand warm. The heated mouse and heated mouse pad shown above slip into the mouse hand warmer blanket.

IGMproducts.com announced today a breakthrough in the area of hand therapy for computer users. Hand therapists recognize hand injury from computer usage is on the rise, and computer usage and/or overuse is not going to fade or go away anytime soon.

The combination of three ValueRays products makes computer users more comfortable using their mouse hand after hand injury involving strains and stress. Many medical conditions create an uncomfortable cold mouse hand experience for computer users and generally, for any person using their hand to operate a computer mouse and computer keyboard.

Cold hands are a symptom of many medical conditions which include and are not limited to: Raynaud's, Poor Circulation associated with Diabetes, Cancer, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Buerger's disease, Arthritis, de Quervain's tenosynovitis syndrome, Tendonitis, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Diabetes, and any condition affecting the circulatory system causing poor circulation.

The three ValueRays products create a warm, soothing house for the cold mouse hand. The products are: a Mouse Hand Warmer blanket pouch, an USB heated, Warm Mouse and an USB heated, Warm Mouse Pad. ValueRays manufactures three USB infrared heat computer gadgets: USB warm mouse, USB heated mouse pad and USB warm keyboard pad, and they are all made with a carbon fiber.

Carbon fibers create infrared heat. Infrared heat produces deep penetrating valuable heat rays. The infrared heat penetrates the skin's surface through the skin's layers deeply into the muscle tissue. Infrared heat has been used successfully by NASA, hospitals and in saunas. Now, ValueRays is making the infrared heated devices for computer users.

Research indicates 20-30 minutes of infrared heat daily can produce noticeable results for people who suffer from hand pain, cold hands, joint pain, tension, stress and wrist pain. Plus, infrared heat has detoxifying qualities. The thermal effect within the deep layers of tissue causes blood vessels in capillaries to dilate enabling improved blood circulation. The heat produced helps to get rid of body toxins people accumulate from the air they breathe and the food they eat.

ValueRays USB Infrared Heat Computer Work Aids are available through the manufacturer at http://www.valuerays.com/ or through an authorized reseller at http://www.igmproducts.com/.

For more information about the Three-Piece Cold Hand Therapy Breakthrough, visit IGMproducts.com.

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