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Heated Mouse

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

A heated mouse helps relieve RSI mouse hand pain

Mouse RSI Pain - Repetitive Strain Injury
from Self Made Minds

I had been suffering from mouse rsi last month quite badly, this was really starting to put paid to any small attempt at productivity as the pain in my right hand meant I was constantly taking breaks and with the kids on holiday my wife would suggest afternoon outings etc and I’d jump at the chance of relief.

I decided upon the Evoluent 3 vertical mouse, it looks strange but the theory is that your hand is in a handshake position which is more natural than the constant twisting of the forearm when using a traditional mouse. It was a bit pricey for me in the UK as it was shipped in from the USA. $59 for the mouse and $36 shipping.

It does feel strange at first and even after the 3rd/4th day I wasn’t sure if it was helping me at all. After the first full week though all pain in my hand had gone and now after using it for a few weeks I can fully recommend it to anyone, it feels natural, comfortable and responsive with lots of settings and my rsi pain has all gone, not a business tip but I am 100% sure it will help me be more productive in the coming months as I can concentrate better.


A heated mouse is the best solution for RSI pain. The infrared heat rays soothe tired muscle strains and relieve tension. It relaxes the hand and helps improve blood circulation. If you suffer with Repetitive Strain Injury, click here and visit IGMproducts.com for a warm mouse.

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