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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tale of a mouse hand warmer a true story

This is a true story. There once was a gal. She worked very hard sitting at the computer day and night. It didn't matter how long it took her, she sat and worked all-day and through the night if needed. She was very committed to her work, and nothing would stop her from getting her work finished.
During the summer months, the air conditioning in her office made her mouse hand cold. She used an ergonomic mouse and held it in her hand many hours everday. When she walked passed her fellow worker, she'd say, "Feel my hand. It's freezing." My mouse hand is feels so cold, it's numb. We all were surprised how this beautiful girl could have such a cold mouse hand. We tried lowering the air conditioning, but that didn't help. The rest of the office would become too warm. We tried wearing gloves to get the hand warmer, but that didn't work because the mouse buttons were too sensitive to be used wearing a leather glove. We tried half-gloves, and that didn't work either.
Pulling a sweater sleeve over the mouse hand was a short success. The hand stayed covered for about ten seconds and then the sweater's sleeve would slowly slide backwards off the hand. There was no solution to keep the mouse hand warm. The only solution was to stop working and that was not an option.

We tried mouse hand warmers, but the mouse pad didn't work well with the mouse we had. And, the USB connection and cords were always getting tangled on our desk. We tried a warming mouse, and that was a waste of money, too. The mouse was not ergonomic and couldn't be used for long periods of time. We thought our cold mouse hand problem was never going to get solved.

Finally, we found a hand warmer blanket made and designed specifically for the mouse hand. It's called the Mouse Hand Warmer. The Mouse Hand Warmer is a fleece blanket designed similar to a small pouch or case to slide all your equipment - mouse pad and mouse -- into when you work. Now, this worked.
Today, everyone in our office has a Mouse Hand Warmer on their desk. See the photos above. We use the Mouse Hand Warmer during the summer when the air conditioning causes a cold draft and during the winter when there's a natural chill in the air.

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