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Heated Mouse

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another Car-Shaped Computer Mouse

Any shape mouse fits nicely inside the latest geek mouse gadget
called the Mouse Hand Warmer. Drive your car mouse inside
the mouse hand warmer for a cozy, warm mousing experience!

from Geek Alerts

If you’re looking for a non-wireless alternative to last week’s Estilo GT Bluetooth mouse, this 800dpi Super GT model might be just the ticket.


2-button mouse with scroll wheel
Red break lights
Combo connector (USB, PS/2)
800dpi resolution
Accurate positioning
Compatible with Windows Vista/XP/2000
Dimension: 103 x 57 x 36mm
Weight: 72g

The USB Super GT Mouse is available in metallic blue or silver for $15 from the USB Geek website.

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How to clean a mouse ball

from The Joker Blog

1. Remove the plate that retains the ball. Just twist it in the direction of the arrow.

2. Remove the mouse ball.

3. Keep it dust-free. The enemy of the mouse is dust. Over time, dust and lint spin into fairly solid strings that eventually gum up the mouse motion. Some mice use more spring-loading ticks than others to keep the rollers in contact with the ball, so keep an eye to see if any springs are popping out. In most cases, mice are built to be very rugged and there's nothing to hurt during a cleaning. The cup shape in the center is just to help position the ball in the mouse.

That little wheel, along with other similar wheels inside, need cleaning

4. Typically you don't need to clean the mouse ball, only the little wheels you see inside. Usually a paperclip will do, but if it's really dirty you can use a knife. Or, you can moisten the tip of a Q-tip (cotton swab) with rubbing alcohol to clean off the dirt. Use tweezers to remove any strands of hair near the wheel rollers. If there appears to be gunk on the ball, a rag and a little rubbing alcohol will take it right off.

Put it back together. After you're done, put the mouse ball back and lock it.


Keep your mouse clean. Keep your mouse hand warm. If you get a cold mouse hand, click here.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tale of a mouse hand warmer a true story

This is a true story. There once was a gal. She worked very hard sitting at the computer day and night. It didn't matter how long it took her, she sat and worked all-day and through the night if needed. She was very committed to her work, and nothing would stop her from getting her work finished.
During the summer months, the air conditioning in her office made her mouse hand cold. She used an ergonomic mouse and held it in her hand many hours everday. When she walked passed her fellow worker, she'd say, "Feel my hand. It's freezing." My mouse hand is feels so cold, it's numb. We all were surprised how this beautiful girl could have such a cold mouse hand. We tried lowering the air conditioning, but that didn't help. The rest of the office would become too warm. We tried wearing gloves to get the hand warmer, but that didn't work because the mouse buttons were too sensitive to be used wearing a leather glove. We tried half-gloves, and that didn't work either.
Pulling a sweater sleeve over the mouse hand was a short success. The hand stayed covered for about ten seconds and then the sweater's sleeve would slowly slide backwards off the hand. There was no solution to keep the mouse hand warm. The only solution was to stop working and that was not an option.

We tried mouse hand warmers, but the mouse pad didn't work well with the mouse we had. And, the USB connection and cords were always getting tangled on our desk. We tried a warming mouse, and that was a waste of money, too. The mouse was not ergonomic and couldn't be used for long periods of time. We thought our cold mouse hand problem was never going to get solved.

Finally, we found a hand warmer blanket made and designed specifically for the mouse hand. It's called the Mouse Hand Warmer. The Mouse Hand Warmer is a fleece blanket designed similar to a small pouch or case to slide all your equipment - mouse pad and mouse -- into when you work. Now, this worked.
Today, everyone in our office has a Mouse Hand Warmer on their desk. See the photos above. We use the Mouse Hand Warmer during the summer when the air conditioning causes a cold draft and during the winter when there's a natural chill in the air.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Mouse Hand Warmer photographs from IGMproducts

If you are one of the many people who suffer with a cold mouse hand, here's an inexpensive solution to your problem. The Mouse Hand Warmer is a cozy, warm, polyester fleece blanket to keep your mouse hand covered and warm. A standard size mouse pad and most any size mouse fit inside the non-slip surfaced Mouse Hand Warmer. Click here for more pictures and details.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mouse Hand Warmer a house for your mouse

Loft102 will be posting details about a new innovative geek gadget called the Mouse Hand Warmer. It's the registered trademark of a cozy blanket to keep your mouse hand warm during chilly temperatures. The product will be available in time for a drop in temperature, and we'll surely post all the details here. There's a new website being developed as we write this post.
If you've ever sat for a long period of time working with a cold mouse hand, you'll appreciate this cost-effective, energy-efficient item. This Mouse Hand Warmer has NO cords or wires to get tangled on your desk top. Click here for more details.

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

How to Keep Warm and Save Energy This Winter

Mouse Hand Warmer is available only online. Click Here. Don't suffer anymore with a cold mouse hand or numb fingertips. If you sit at the computer in a drafy office or room, the solution is just a click away. We've heard the Mouse Hand Warmer is the solution and it will be available online within the next few days. We'll post more details when they are received.

By Hayley Jones
During the colder months of the year we all think of ways to keep ourselves warmer, whether it is putting on an extra jumper or making sure the heating is on before we get out of bed in a morning. But what about keeping our home warmer in the first place, without heating bills going through the roof and carbon emissions sky rocketing?

In the first instance there are some very easy ways of fending off the cold winter air, and these won’t cost the earth! Firstly, check your heating system is working properly before the cold weather sets in. Think about getting a service for your complete system and especially the boiler if you have central heating (and if you havn’t, it might be a good time to think about getting it), as you don’t want to be wasting energy due to an inefficient system. Secondly, turn down your thermostat by 1°C, which will save you a great deal of energy and about 10% of the cost of your annual heating bills. (And you can always put that extra jumper on)! If you have thermostats on individual radiators, think about which ones really need to be turned on. If a room is not in general use, does it need a radiator blasting out heat?

Another cheap way of reducing heating bills is to ensure that your home is draught proofed. You’re not trying to heat the garden, so keep the heat inside your home by blocking off unnecessary gaps, but don’t forget that ventilation is important so never block up air bricks. Insulating your home will also really help to reduce your heating bills and save a great deal of energy. Both loft and cavity wall insulation are relatively easy ways to keep the heat within your four walls and won’t cost you a fortune.

Once you have instigated these relatively low cost energy saving measures, it might be time to think about some further investment into heating your home efficiently. Double glazing is quite commonplace nowadays, but if you don’t have it, it is certainly worth considering. Whilst this can be quite expensive, you could save up to £100 a year and 680 KG of carbon dioxide emissions.

All of these energy saving measures will certainly keep you and your home warmer during the winter months, saving energy and money and reducing your carbon footprint. So don’t wait for the first frosts, think about what can be done to keep your home warm now.

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Can Something This Simple Keep You From Getting Sick?

Don't chill. Stay warm. If your mouse hand gets cold, click here.

By Page Remick

Studies show that more women than men wash their hands after using the bathroom: public or private. Do you wash your hands after sneezing or blowing your nose? After you have been in public places all day or touched and animal, do you ever wash your hands?

Simply put, washing your hands thoroughly and often can keep you from getting viruses, bacteria and fungus which lead to temperatures, diarrhea, intestinal or urinary tract infections, colds, flu, and many more serious diseases. It’s not the water temperature that matters: it’s the frequency and the duration of washing. Wash your hands often in any temperature of water for at least 15 seconds and use enough soap to lather well. At every washing, get soap under each fingernail and get lodged bacteria out… and down the drain. You wouldn’t believe how many germs hide under your fingernails!

Did you just shake hands with someone who has a cold, or did you unknowingly put your hands on cold or flu germs on a doorknob or shopping cart handle? Before you touch your eyes, nose, mouth, or even ears (all entry points into the body for germs), be sure and wash your hands well, or at the very least, use a hand sanitizer. Avoid the alcohol variety of hand sanitizer found on the grocery store shelves as they have been found to enter the body and kill the single-cell bacteria that are in our digestive systems, the ones that keep our immune system strong enough to ward off disease.

Did you hear about the recent dangerous e coli outbreak on spinach? If you leave a bathroom or change a diaper without washing, you have e coli on your hands! Do you ever touch the bathroom door in a public restroom without first putting a paper towel on it for protection? Even if you just washed your hands… think of all the germs that are on the handle from the people who DIDN’T wash their hands!

It is such a simple way to prevent the spread of infection yet most people don't do it! Wash your hands after every restroom visit, after every bout of sneezing, after changing a diaper, touching a pet, after blowing your nose, before eating or preparing food, after being in public and after shaking hands wit anyone, sick or not! It's simple, preventative..and it's been proven to keep you healthy!

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Hand Warmer project underway

The Blog Catalogue Blog Directory listed Mouse Hand Warmer as an unique new blog for information about computer gadgets, the computer mouse, and ways to keep warm.
Learn about ways to keep warm. The Mouse Hand Warmer blog is a place to read about computer mouse news, hand warmers, mouse technology, mouse pads, why we get cold, and ways to keep warm. It's an unique, out of the ordinary and new approach to cold weather solutions!
The lastest news about the Mouse Hand Warmer is it's in production and will be made available online this year just in time for holiday shoppers. Save this link.

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mouse House Hand Warmer: Designer fashion for your desktop!

We're excited to announce a new product ready to be released. Photos and purchase details will be posted here soon. The Mouse Hand Warmer is a house for your mouse! It's has a contemporary design, something you'll enjoy having on your desk. It's not silly looking, and it does not have any cords to get tangled on your desk.
The Mouse Hand Warmer is a warm fleece blanket to slip your mouse pad inside and keep your mouse hand warm when it gets cold.
We sit and work long hours no matter what the temperature! Our mouse hand gets cold and our finger tips get numb. Finally, there's relief. Check back here again soon for more details.

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Coming Soon! A Mouse Hand Warmer available only online!

The Mouse Hand Warmer is the registered trademark of a new product. It is constructed of a washable, warm, polyester fleece blanket material. It has no cords or wire to get tangled on your desk top. Its neutral colors of gray and black add a contemporary look to your work area.
It's a very cool way to keep your mouse hand warm on a drafty desk top or during winter months. If your office has cold air conditioning, pull out your Mouse Hand Warmer during the summer, too. It's a versatile little pouch to hold a standard sized mouse pad, a mouse and your hand!
We'll post the news here as soon as it is made available. We're expecting pictures and more information. Save this link or check back again soon.

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Drafty lofts make your mouse hand cold

Working late hours into the night in a drafty loft makes your mouse hand cold and your fingertips numb. There's no relief. Either you stop working or you pull your sweater's sleeve over the top of your mouse hand to help keep it warm. The only problem with that is it doens't work. Your mouse hand still gets cold because the sleeve slowly creeps its way backwards exposing your hand.
As a dedicated insomniac geek, I sit all hours of the day and night and work. For years my mouse hand would be cold from air vent drafts or cold nights. The suffering has stopped. There's a new product hitting the streets soon called the Mouse Hand Warmer. It is a soft polyester fleece blanket for your mouse hand. It's washable and is very slick looking. It has a modern appeal in neutral gray/black colors.
We're going to post the pictures as soon as the manufacturer (i-GlobalMall.com, Inc.) releases them to the public. Save this link or check back here soon for more information and how to get one!

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